Small Talk

Filmmakers & Crew

Nicole Witte Solomon Writer/Director
Flavio Alves: Producer
Chih-Hsin Lee: Producer
Jeanette Sears: Director of Photography * Cristina Cordero: Editor and Production Manager * Frank Huang: Co-Producer * Heidi Mueller: Assistant Director and Videographer * Liam Billingham: Assistant Director * Chris Ungco:  First Assistant Camera * Christopher Montgomery: Second Assistant Camera * Yessica Curiel Montoya: Gaffer * Alex Leu: Sound Recorder * Dada Shikako: Grip * Rommel Genciana: Additional Camera Assistant * Aina Segui: Script Supervisor * Karen Moran: Production Coordinator * Montgomery Brown: Production Assistant * Michael Davern: Production Assistant * Sha Huang:  Still photography * Tara Themis Brown:  Still photography * Chelsa Molloy Salesman: Costume Design * Robert Betancourt: Hair and Makeup * Janice Lindo: Additional Hair and Makeup * Lisa Forst: Special Effects * Julian Amaro: 1st Visual Effects Editor * Praxis Fernandez: Color Correction and VFX Compositing * Matt Turner: Sound Design * Shawn Setaro: Composer * Brian Viglione: Percussion * Satish: Trumpet  

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